Monday, November 16, 2015

Pics from the chicken pen

I put the charger on a T-post so that it can get more sunlight. I am very happy with it. It's very sturdy. This also keeps it out of the dirt and it makes it easy to find for somebody if they are feeding them for me. Now for the pics.

The charger mounted on a T-post.

Frost on the solar panel.

I was hoping to catch whatever got my chicken but I didn't catch anything.

The corner where the ground was too hard for the post to go in.

The sun is coming up.

This one always follows me around. It's not wanting food because they have all they want in the feeder. Whenever I reach down to pet it it will stop in its tracks, spread the middle of its wings out but with the tips still touching its body and look up at me. It will only do it if I come straight down from the top and if it is not moving at the moment. Not sure what is wrong with it. If any one knows please comment.

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