Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Pictures of Summer

While looking through old pictures on the computer I came across these. Taken in summer when it was warm and there was no snow. Anyway, with it being so cold right now I thought I would put them on.

So, here they are.
Very green corn

Gopher rock
 Gopher rock is the name designated for this rock. Actually it was for a much smaller rock that stood in the same place. We would stand on that rock to be just a little taller. From that position you can see across the field to grandad's house, across the field in the other direction, our house, and across the field to the north where there is Snyder's knob (the mountain in the picture below). Often times we would sit on that rock to watch grandad mow, rake, and ted the hay.

Anyway, on with the pics.

Snyder's knob

This was our first barn cat, Summer.
All of these pictures, except the one of Snyder's knob, Where taken July 31-2014

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