Wednesday, May 4, 2016

1 Year 100 posts (+Sick Chickens Update)

Yup, its been exactly one year since I started this blog.

And this is the 100th post

And I have 25 of the 100 subscribers that I am going to try to get by my graduation in 2018.

Anyway, the chickens have been dropping like flies and I thought it might be their crop.

So, I checked it in early morning and I could only feel one and it was sloshy.

So I then went on to the next possible thing: Worms

I got some electrolights to give them some energy and some wormer too.

It's been two days since I put it in their water and no deaths so far.

Before I wormed them one or two a day were dying but since then non have died.

Other than the meat chickens of course. I never seam to count them in anything. Anyway 9 out of 10 survived from when we just got them up until recently. We had one throw up and just lay down on the ground without moving. I massaged his crop like how the internet said and accidentally drowned him. :(

And then another two died: one just dropped and one got caught by predators because a strong wind knocked down the netting. This means that we are down to 6 meat chickens.

The laying hens have been dropping so fast that I have lost count. I will try to count them sometime and update you guys.

Oh and I had one of the remaining light brahmas go brood so I am hoping that she stays that way and hatches out some chicks for me.

Anyway here are some pics from the past 365 days of this blog

Oh and just a heads up. There is a bunch so you don't have to look at them all. ;)

Alright Y'all

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