Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May 2016 Update

So, I left Thursday on a trip to visit some friends and I just got back. Anyway, while I was gone my brothers took care of my animals. I forgot to tell them to remove any new eggs under my broody hen and so by the time I got back she had built up a lot more. I think that because she had too many all of them are dead but I will candle them tonight.

Anyway, if they are all dead I will take them out and give her some chicks. I will do a turkey video today and upload it soon.

I have one of the three silkie chicks left. When the first one died I think it was pasty but but the second looked clean. The third has been healthy and vigorous the whole time.

Anyway, they are one month old today (The turkeys and bantams) so soon they will be outside during the day.

Anyway, thank you to anyone and everyone who reads my blog.


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