Sunday, May 8, 2016

So, I finally have a broody hen

I have been trying to get my hens to go broody for a long time but just recently one of the remaining light brahmas went broody.

She is setting on 6 eggs and sometimes forgets which of my two nest boxes is hers.

This is kinda funny because you would think she would know but now I have to make sure that I keep the top nest box empty of eggs so that she can remember which one is hers.

This means going down to the chicken coop every several times a day.

Otherwise she may set on the wrong eggs.

Anyway, the turkeys are doing fine and no more chickens died.

I read someplace that if you raise turkeys or chicks in a brooder where you can reach in from the side that they will be more friendly than those raised where you have to reach in from the top.

This makes a little bit of sense because their natural predators attack from above. (Think pouncing foxes, diving hawks, and swooping owls)

Anyway, I might do a little experiment by raising half of the turkeys in the brooder they are in now and the other half in a different brooder that you have to reach in from the side.

We shall see

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