Thursday, June 23, 2016

Picture post!!

So, the chicks hatched but not all of them. Only 5 out of the 19. I'm starting to collect eggs for the next try. This time I'm gonna try to keep the humidity around 25 and at hatch around 65. I really want to figure this out so that I can eventually have quail and keep a flock going. Also I want to breed, hatch and sell pure breed chickens.

I took some pics of the new chicks and also some of the older 3 that I hatched first.
But first some others from the past few days...
Laura and Joshua

Two days worth of rain
 So, here I should add that after only one more night we now have just over 3 inches.
It's mostly coming in hard short spurts.

The yellow chicks

Cogburn, the big guy out of the bantam cochin gang.

The silkie!!
 OK, ok, that was probably hard for you.
But good job waiting!
Now you get to see the new chicks!!

The one on the bottom is not doing very well. His belly is huge and his one foot is curled up.
Also, he can't walk(Age? Foot?) so he get's trampled by the other chicks and can't stay with them to keep warm.
I held him for several hours as I went about my day and he is much perkier but I'm still not sure if he'll survive. We'll see.

And these are the chicks that I hatched a while back. They are growing fast. I think the white and one of the blacks are girls and the other black is a boy.
OK, that's all the pics for now,


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