Sunday, July 10, 2016

OK, more pics...

Yeah, it's been a while.

Well, no need to worry, I'm back!!

And with new chickens!!

2 buff silkie hens
3 buff silkie chicks
1 mix chick
3 black silkie/buff silkie chicks
1 pair of black bantam cochins
3 white silkies (hen, hen, roo ??)
And I think that's all.
I might have missed a few

Anyway, PICTURES!!

My original silkie

The turkeys

My black bantam cochin pair with silkies in the background

Size comparison

One of the black/buff silkies.

Here's the one mix chick. I really like his top hat. It looks like a beret. Him and one other buff silkie chick are the only ones that still have a hen taking care of them. (one of the buff hens)

The white ones are really small. I hope they are fully grown and will stay this big. They might still be young though.


Ok, so, in the next few pictures there's lots of chickens in a small cage. They look cramped. There is actually a hole in the corner of the pen where any of the bantams can(and will) go through. So, they're not as cramped as they look. The big chickens sometimes pick on them but not often and the bantams are usually fine out with the big chickens. The bantam pen is just a safety net in case one is getting pecked on really bad.

These two bantam roosters(MacGyver and unnamed) always roost on top of the nesting boxes.

Here's a better picture of them on the nesting boxes.

Murdoc, my main man.

The three in the back are the chicks from this post.

Lot's of color. Love it!!

Hmmm, not really sure what happened to this picture to make it like that.

Here's another messed up one.

Grape vines




  1. Wow, I am NEVER going to be allowed to have this many chickens at this house XD! Well, good luck! The only thing I ever have to worry about with my bantams mixed with full size is full size roos beating up my little hens, although I do not have any at the moment. So, if they don't have trouble, you have a good solution!

    1. Haha, yeah. I have three bantam roosters and one big rooster but he's really nice. Also silkie roosters I guess but I'm not sure which ones yet. The silkies are pretty laid back though. I will be selling most of the big hens and my big rooster soon hopefully. I have them up for sale on Craigslist but no replies yet. We'll see...

    2. Oh, I get you. I put up free roosters to good home, and no one has responded (that I know of)

  2. Oh, forgot to tell you, my quail hens started laying today!

    1. Yay!! how old are they?? How many eggs so far?

    2. In total, I have gotten 5 :)

    3. And about 2 1/2 months.


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