Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Well, it happened again. This spring I had a bunch of chickens die from impacted crops(i think) and now I had a bunch more die. This time though it wasn't a disease or anything like that. This time it was predators. One moment I had all of 'm and the next I was down to 12 or 13(+ feathers). The reason that they got my chickens was that I had forgotten to close the front door on he chicken coop and basically let them in. Even though they are just chickens(not really important) I still feel kinda bad cuz I was supposed to be taking care of them and I forgot about them and they died.

It's part of farming but it still sucks.

Here's the video...



  1. Yeah, we cannot free range until spring and the leaves are back as we have already lost two chickens, both hens, of course, to a hawk.

    1. Hmm, hawks aren't really a problem for us it's mostly the coons and foxes(only at night). I'm keeping them penned up for now though.


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