Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Quail Update

So, I had  viewer ask for a quail update a while back. I forgot about it till now so I made one. Going good I think!



  1. Your quail set up is AWESOME! I was going to post mine, but that day, one of my quail got eaten by a hawk. Through the netting. So, we have one lonely quail left. If I can't get a friend for her and put better wire on it, I am considering giving her to you, if you want her, although she hasn't laid in a while because she has seen her two friends get killed, but from my experience with ptsd animals, once some others lay, they ptsd one will too. She is pretty sweet and I don't want her to be lonely, so I thought I would put that out there.... Oh, and my Dad said he might be willing to drive to west Va to meet you... Maybe a youtube collab video?
    Sorry for the long comment!

    1. Thanks! Oh, sorry about that. Was that Feriss or another one that died? I'd heard about Feriss(spelling?).

      Oh, that would be awesome! I'll ask my mom and dad if it's ok. You sure? What breed/color is she?

      Hey, Ive heard that mentioned a few times here and there. What's a youtube collab video?

      XD don't worry about it. I love reading comments on my blog/youtube. Kinda makes me feel special. Like people look up to me.

      Anyway, I'll ask my mom if it's ok. Thank you. I hope you're able to find more and fix the pen if that's what you'd like.

      See? I ended up writing a long one too. XD

    2. It was another one, Athena, and if I can find a friend for her and wire, then I will try and keep her. But if I can't before winter, I would love to give her to you. A youtube collaboration video is when two youtubers get together to make videos on each other's channels.

    3. Ah, ok.

      K let me know when you think you can't find any any more and I'll make sure I can on this end. Probably.

      Oh, ok.


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