Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Almost Spring!

YES, it's been a while!  A lot has been happening on the farm, and at the same time, not much has been happening. Let me explain...

So, as most of you probably know, winter is a very slow time on the farm. Very little has happened in my animal world. In the other sections of my life however, it's quite hectic. Since it's been like 6 months since my last post, let me back up a bit. In November of last year, I left my part time job at the pig farm and started focusing on school. This is my last year of highschool and I am very much looking forward to graduating! After that, it's on to college. It's unclear whether or not I'll be able to take classes over the summer, so I will probably be working until fall classes start. I hope to get a job working for a general contractor this spring. Still have to finish up all my highschool stuff though. Nothing is set in concrete. It's all up in the air. We'll see how things play out.

If you're reading this and wondering where I've been, you might want to check out my YouTube channel, as I post much more frequently there: The Road to Someday (YouTube)

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