Wednesday, August 26, 2015


So, there has been a lot that has happened in the last few weeks and I finely took time for the blog. There is a lot so I will put them in a list, like I did last time.

  • I quit at Southern States and started working for a guy who has pigs. Like, a LOT of pigs. Like thirty pigs. Anyway I just help him feed them, clean there pens, give them bedding and do odd jobs such as: Weed eat, clean under the farrowing crate, fill the feed buckets, spray out the nursery, sweep the isle, and whatever else needs done.
  • I started school.
  • We picked beans and more beans and more beans. Not me necessarily but all the others did a lot. I only did one day because I had to stay home so I could help the pig guy. Which is what I will call him on the blog BTW.
  • About 12192 Hours till I turn 15. Which is when I am old enough to get my learners permit.
  • I set up my electric netting, which I will show pictures of now.
The netting does not sag except on the corners.
 I got some cord and a stake and that keeps it for sagging so much.

A close up of the netting.
My new chicken tractor.

A picture I took with a slow shutter speed while panning the sunset.

A good picture of the sunset.

Stormy clouds behind a kite that has been stuck on that telephone wire for years.
 Alright, I gotta go learn Spanish now ,before doing Algebra 2. So,

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