Sunday, December 6, 2015

Getting Eggs

The empty nest box
 They will lay their eggs all over the place but not in the nest box. I put pine shavings in it and they still won't lay in the nest box.

I like my chickens.

Two days worth of eggs.


  1. Put a golf ball and some straw in the boxes

    1. OK, so I have pine shavings in there but is straw better? We have some golf balls so I will try that. I did find 1 in the nest box the next day and 3 out. I will put some straw or hay in it next time I go down to the barn and get some. Thanks for telling me about that. I hope it works.

    2. Also just now I went out there and there was 2 in the nest box and 1 out. They know it's there, I just need them to lay ALL there eggs in there. Time will tell I guess.


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