Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Post Planting

So, Sunday afternoon was spent planting posts. But the reason this got on the blog is because, unlike usual, Laura and I ran the skid-steer. We have an auger attachment for it and it is very useful when planting fence posts. It is very hard to use though. After going through the process with Papa, I hopped in the loader and drilled the hole. It was hard with the front end of the loader off the ground and all but I got 3 in and I think I could do it again. Anyway, here are the pics.

I like where I live.

 Right now it looks like this. But soon it will rain and the grass will grow and it will look like below.

This is my home
We also put in a big gate post down at the barn but I did not take pictures yet. I will next time I am down at the barn.
P.S. I always say down at the barn and that is because the barn is 1/4 mile from the house and it in at the bottom of the hill that our house and field are on.

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