Sunday, June 5, 2016

New Chick Pictures

I have tried hatching twice before. Once 1 out of 40 hatched. The second time 1 out of 17 hatched.
This time two did.
Talk about a better hatch rate!!
And I have one more that will hatch soon (or never :/) and two more that aren't due to hatch for a while yet.

Anyway, here's the pics...
Just starting to pip

getting bigger

starting to zip

most of the way around

almost ready

Jail break!!!!

Whew!! takin a nap

into a box
 At this point I wasn't sure how to arrange the light so that they could get away from it if need be but Laura, my sister, helped and got it all set up for me.

If I got a box too big it might get lost and/or not be able to find the light, food, or water.
Too small and the light would warm up the whole thing unless I put it super close and risked burning the box.
After explaining all this to Laura she just kinda set it up in the chicks always seem comfortable.
Very helpful! :)
The second one took all day to hatch

Whats that little gooey ball sprawled out in MY space!!!

Next morning. Oh it's a chicken just like me!!



  1. Aww, very cute! I am happy the first chick is not all alone.


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