Friday, June 3, 2016

Turkey and Chick Pictures!!!

Zach, my 7 year old brother, took every one of these photos with my Nikon D40.

Here, they are...
My entire flock (Of Turkeys. I have waaayy more chickens:) )

You may notice something wrong with this turkeys feet. All of the turkeys have it. When they were in the brooder (Wire Floor) their feet bled often. I'm not sure why this was happening but after I moved them onto grass it cleared up. What you see is the remaining scabs and also some dirt.

The next few pictures are of my light brahma hen who is raising chicks for me. 6 bantam cochin buffs and one silkie. One of the cochins is darker, bigger, bigger comb, and better at keeping up with their 'Mom'. I think he's a rooster and the rest are pullets. If he is a rooster the name cogburn is designated.

Anyway look at the pictures and take a guess at gender on the dark one.


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