Saturday, March 4, 2017

Turkey Eggs!

So, I've been checking the nesting box of the chicken tractor that the turkeys are in every few days. When I looked in this morning THERE WERE TWO TURKEY EGGS! One of my bantams and Lady have been laying for a week or two now but this is the first TURKEY egg! Heck, I think this is the first turkey egg I've ever SEEN! Anyway, SUPER excited (encase ya couldn't tell)! Soon it will warm up to the point where I can get the eggs before they freeze. Then I'mma incubate! I plan to have some hatching eggs for sale sometime soon and maybe some poults too! We'll see... For now you'll just haveta

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  1. Whoooooo!!! I want to see a turkey egg! Cool

    1. =D
      I'll have to post a pic sometime for everybody!


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