Tuesday, September 12, 2017

YouTube / Why I've Been Gone / Update

YouTube. I posted my first video January of 2016. I immediately loved it.

I get to talk with you all so much more when I post a video then when I post a blog post. If that doesn't seem significant then you underestimate yourselves...because I think you're pretty darn awesome!

The more videos I posted the more people came, the more friends I made, the more I liked making videos! The longer this went on, the more I neglected this blog.

So, if you want to keep up with me and know what's going on, I'd suggest you follow me on YouTube rather than here. This is a link to my channel: The Road to Someday - YouTube

So now we come to what you clicked that link for: Why I've Been Gone.

Well, like I said, I've been on YouTube. My channel grew, at a crazy rate, and the blog was left struggling in the dust.

The metaphorical dust that-is...

Lame excuse #2: I've been busy. Between school, jobs, and animals, I might have sort of forgotten about the blog.

3rd attempt to redeem my internet self: I also may have just maybe a teeeeeeny bit been lazy..............maybe...'course if I was I wouldn't tell you that! :D

Now for a mini life update:
Lots has happened since I posted last. And at the same time, it seems like nothing has progressed. I've started school for the winter leaving less time for YouTube videos and yes, also blogging.

I still have most of my animals. Right now the numbers are as follows: 1 cow, 2 chickens, 3 turkeys, 6 ducks, 1 cat, 1 dog, and countless rabbits. I am considering getting milk goats and/or sheep! This might not happen until next spring however.

I am still working 3 nights per week on a show pig farm. It's hard work but I enjoy it. Well, most of it. I enjoy working with animals! Learning about them.

One last thing, for those of you who have read this far:
I am no longer Micah's Farm!                  ?!
I changed my name, on YouTube, to The Road to Someday.

As for the blog, it shall stay the same for now. At some point (aka when I get around to it) I will change it to the new (and improved ;) The Road to Someday.

The name is pretty self explanatory... Eventually I hope to reach my life goal(s) such as having my own land, homestead, family, exotic fowl hatchery and show birds. Most (ah, who are we kidding...ALL) of these are probably not going to be in the near future. I have lots of life to live before my narrator says "happily ever after" and that road is long and tedious with lots of turns along the way. There will be fun times. There will be hard times. There'll be times when I don't know what is next. But I will persist.

There, I just explained what I told you was self explanatory. Oops.

And now, it's time.

Time for what you ask?

Time for me to get back to studying about the Vietnam War.


Saturday, July 22, 2017

I got more turkeys!

This is a sneak peak for those of you who follow my blog as well as my YouTube channel.
There are two bourbon/buff and two narragansett/bronze.


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Another Rabbit Litter!

This batch of kits was sired by Samuel (pic at bottom) and their mom is a young white doe which I call YW (Young White) for lack of better ideas. There are 5 kits total. All are completely white with the exception of one black one. I have another doe (Spitfire(YW's full sister)) due to kindle (farrow, calve, 'blow'/'pop', lamb...whatever you wanna call it) soon. When she does I shall upload pictures.

These were born 6/5/17 (Monday)

Sam, the dad