Thursday, July 28, 2016

Picture Post!!

Ok, several recent pictures. Coming up!!

Hay wagon silhouette

Joshua looking at his new baby rabbits

Lot's of hay

Joshua's calf in the back and Blitz, laura's calf, in the front

The small yellow chick in the next few pics is from one of my light brahma hens and my ISA rooster(sold now). He/she is dead now but it was fun watching it grow into different colors. Black, white, yellow, red, I like mutli-color animals.

White, yellow, and a little black on the chest.

All three again on the back and sides.

One of the three black bantam cochin/yellow silkie chicks

Love the feet!


Two white silkie hens and the white silkie roo. The rooster died for some reason recently. :/

Another great hay wagon pic.

The new chicks

The brooder
Ok, that's all for the pics. I'll try to get some more sometime.


Quail Update and... I guess you'd call it an update?

Ok, quail are doing good. No eggs though. :(
Here's the video:

Here's another video of me walking around talking my head off. I don't know how long it is but if you like long this is for you! I usually try for shorter but I took this anyway. Here:

Ok, picture post coming soon. Subscribe on G+ if you want. And


Bourbon Red Turkeys Week 13

Ok, so, the neighbors lab (who roams the fields and farms around here) found my turkeys

While they were out

And caught some

Two to be exact.

One of the turkeys that she caught was fine but the other was bleeding a little and was all hunched over. That was Saturday. By now, (Wednesday) I can't even tell which ones were caught. They are all healthy and growing fast. Getting darker in color too! Anyway, here's the video...


Monday, July 25, 2016

Bourbon Red Turkeys Week 12 (3 Months)

So, here it is. A few days late but here it is. I generally record a vid. each Wednesday but this one is a little late because I forgot to take the video. Anyway, here goes.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sold Most Of 'm

Yeah, all the big hens and Murdoc. Oh and the two bantam roosters (one of which was MacGyver the 2nd). I am going to try and get more into exotic breeding. I have silkies, bourbon red turkeys, coturnix quail, buff bantam cochins, black cochin bantams, and ... ... Hmm, I'm sure there's more. Nope! Wow, I really sold most of them. Other than the odds and ends of course but I'm just counting the ones that i have at least a pair of.

SOOOOOOOO, I'll have to do a recount and update the 'My Animals' page sometime. Until then you guys are in the dark. I do have lots though.

I have 35 eggs on lockdown and they should hatch tomorrow but we'll see how many hatch.

So, if anybody has any suggestions for what I should breed (fowl) I'll look into it and see if there's any on craigslist near me. ?????


Tuesday, July 12, 2016


So, I finally found some quail on craigslist the other day. I got four hens and a rooster. I brought a rabbit pen up from the barn and put it beside our tool shed. What I'm feeding them is just what I have for the turkeys. It says 'for quail too' on the bag so I guess it's fine. When I went down to check on them a few hours later they had laid two eggs for me. I gave them to Zach and he was thrilled! I made an omelet for him this morning.

Alright y'all, here come the pics!

The hens have been heavily bred recently and don't have any feathers on the back on their head. I am going to research how many hens per male for quail and I might take him out for a while. I think they're fine though. And that they just were in with too many roosters before I got them. Ok, on to the pictures!

A Male (notice the rusty red chest)

A Hen (notice the speckled chest/neck)

For some reason these ten(about) chicks lick to sleep in the nest box. 
For the first few nights I put them back on the roost but they like it here.

This guy eventually decided that he didn't fit in the nest box with them.

So he found another roost.
 Every group seems to have their own corner of the coop. Just ones that get pushed off the roost though. Most of the big chickens go on the roost.
Two buff chicks, three white silkies, one buff silkie, and one partridge silkie.

One buff silkie hen and her two chicks.

A buff/black silkie.

And more pictures of the quail!


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Calf pics!

OK, more pics...

Yeah, it's been a while.

Well, no need to worry, I'm back!!

And with new chickens!!

2 buff silkie hens
3 buff silkie chicks
1 mix chick
3 black silkie/buff silkie chicks
1 pair of black bantam cochins
3 white silkies (hen, hen, roo ??)
And I think that's all.
I might have missed a few

Anyway, PICTURES!!

My original silkie

The turkeys

My black bantam cochin pair with silkies in the background

Size comparison

One of the black/buff silkies.

Here's the one mix chick. I really like his top hat. It looks like a beret. Him and one other buff silkie chick are the only ones that still have a hen taking care of them. (one of the buff hens)

The white ones are really small. I hope they are fully grown and will stay this big. They might still be young though.


Ok, so, in the next few pictures there's lots of chickens in a small cage. They look cramped. There is actually a hole in the corner of the pen where any of the bantams can(and will) go through. So, they're not as cramped as they look. The big chickens sometimes pick on them but not often and the bantams are usually fine out with the big chickens. The bantam pen is just a safety net in case one is getting pecked on really bad.

These two bantam roosters(MacGyver and unnamed) always roost on top of the nesting boxes.

Here's a better picture of them on the nesting boxes.

Murdoc, my main man.

The three in the back are the chicks from this post.

Lot's of color. Love it!!

Hmmm, not really sure what happened to this picture to make it like that.

Here's another messed up one.

Grape vines