Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Bourbon Red Turkeys Week 17 and 18

So, These videos were shot at the right times I just forgot to upload week 17 so now I'm uploading the together. Here ya are...


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Monday, August 22, 2016


Yeah, that's right. Ducks. Really pretty ones too! They're a breed called muscovy and they're white, black, and brown. I got 6 3 month old muscovys and one 3 day old muscovy. Here's a video of them and several pictures after that. enjoy



A pic of barbed wire that Katie took. (I like this picture)

Puppy (the cat)

Another pic of puppy(yeah that's really it's name)
 More Duck!! More Duck!! More Duck!!

The turkeys

The young duck and his friend

 The rest of the pix are of the chicks from my latest hatch(most of which I'm selling). I let them out into the coop with all the big chickens and so-far no bloody combs or even a skwak session.

Ok, Thanks fer checkin out my blog!


Chicks For Sale!!

Ok, guys big step.


MY FIRST (decent) HATCH EVER!!!!

I've tried to incubate lots but never seemed to have much success. Ever since I got my hovabator I've been hatching out chicks constantly. Here's a video of my first big hatch at one month and one week old. Enjoy!


Bourbon Red Turkeys Week 16 (4 months)


Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Well, it happened again. This spring I had a bunch of chickens die from impacted crops(i think) and now I had a bunch more die. This time though it wasn't a disease or anything like that. This time it was predators. One moment I had all of 'm and the next I was down to 12 or 13(+ feathers). The reason that they got my chickens was that I had forgotten to close the front door on he chicken coop and basically let them in. Even though they are just chickens(not really important) I still feel kinda bad cuz I was supposed to be taking care of them and I forgot about them and they died.

It's part of farming but it still sucks.

Here's the video...


Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Used to be I'd have all chicken eggs. Now that I sold most of my big chickens and got quail and bantams the scales are starting to tip!

That long one pointing toward the chicken egg was a double yolk! I wonder if double yolked eggs would have trouble hatching. Hmmm...


Monday, August 8, 2016

Chicken Pix

Getting lots more quail eggs these days. I am planning on trying to get some lights up near their pen so that I can get eggs through winter too. As soon as this batch of eggs hatches I'm gonna incubate quail eggs.

Anyway, here's the pix(*drumroll*)...

I think I'll name this one MacGyver. That'll be MacGyver the 3rd.

Turkeys are invading the coop!!
 I really like the color of the chick in the next few pictures. I think he's macgyver/buff silkie.


MacGyver and his lady

 The chicks are growing BIG.