Friday, March 24, 2017

Random Pictures (New Buck pic!)

So, I finally got 'round to taking some pictures of that new buck rabbit I have for y'all! He's SUPER pretty! I can't wait to see some of the babies he throws...

P.S. I'll be trying to put more rabbit stuff on the blog/youtube from now on for all you rabbit folks. :)

Anyway, ON TO THE PICS!!!

These next two are the new buck


Most of the cages

The punching bag we made out of an old feed sack, old bale wrappers, and an old tractor chain.
(Yeah, everything is old in this barn. XD I love it)


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

More calf pictures!

Ferdinand and Isabella 
Yeah, you history freaks, that's what we named them...actually we named the boy Ferdinand after Ferdinand the bull and then we named the heifer Isabella and then we realized what happened...


Okay, I'll seeyaround! (<<That's a word BTW<<)


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Cow and Rabbit Pictures! ((New Calf!))

We got two new calves! I went down and took pictures of the first and I've yet to get some of the second. The first is a bull calf and the second is a heifer. Anyway, most of the pictures aren't of them but there are some farther on down...enjoy!

Daisy, the someday milk cow maybe.

New calf #1

This is him with his mom, speckles, a shorthorn, behind him. (wow, did I get those commas right?)

Little Ms.

Red Meat the old stunted bottle calf.

New calf #1 (no name yet) and the mom

A bunch of the cows (with Red Meat wanting rubbed)


A couple of Joshua's young does

My silver buck which I can't use cuz he's related to all the does

My two young does (sorry for the HORRIBLE pic)

Whoopie pie and her kits

Fudge, our main man

Christmas...which we haven't butchered yet for some reason...

Snow (Yeah, I know, kind of a no-brainer)

The sheep/beefalo farm across the pasture and stream

Some of what's left of this years hay.

The inside of the barn roof cuz...old barns are cool!

The barn from the outside

Pine trees along the drive way.

I'll try to get some pictures of the other calf soon for y'all.

Until then...

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Turkey Eggs!

So, I've been checking the nesting box of the chicken tractor that the turkeys are in every few days. When I looked in this morning THERE WERE TWO TURKEY EGGS! One of my bantams and Lady have been laying for a week or two now but this is the first TURKEY egg! Heck, I think this is the first turkey egg I've ever SEEN! Anyway, SUPER excited (encase ya couldn't tell)! Soon it will warm up to the point where I can get the eggs before they freeze. Then I'mma incubate! I plan to have some hatching eggs for sale sometime soon and maybe some poults too! We'll see... For now you'll just haveta

Thanks for reading!
Y'all are awesome!