Saturday, October 10, 2015


So, Friday Granddad took Laura and I to the auction. Several things happened. First of all, we took hamburger and her 2 week old bull calf to the auction. We got what I thought was a decant price for them. Considering they were dairy/beef. So, the dairy people didn't want them and the beef people didn't want them. They were bought by someone Laura knows. It was our first time selling an animal at the auction, so that is why it was such a big deal. Also a big 2k lb red angus bull was super angry and chased all the cattle sorters up the wall. From where I was sitting I could just see there legs hanging for the rafters kicking at the bull to get it away from them. I just thank God that he kept all of them safe. (Nobody was hurt.) Anyway, on the way home it was raining so hard that when at one point when the windshield wipers stopped we couldn't see anything. Slowing down we were getting ready to stop when after stopping and starting them a few times the windshield wipers started going again. It was me, Laura and Granddad in that old truck coming home from the local auction when God helped us and brought us home safely. Many, many things could have gone wrong that day but with god in charge it all worked out. That's how it always is. So, when your day is hard just remember

God has it all worked out and your in his plan.

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  1. Wow! that is so cool that you can see all that. Encouraging too. Thanks :)


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