Sunday, November 15, 2015

Deer and death

The other day Caleb and I got out my bow and went out into the woods by the edge of the field to see if I could get a deer. They always came out between 5 and 5:10 so I thought that they would this time too. Arriving there at 4:30 we sat down on a big rock and begin the wait. Sure enough at 5:02 three deer came bolting past, not ten feet from us! We were probably too loud and they saw us. Two ran up over the hill. But the other one calmed down quickly and begin to walk around behind us. After waiting what seemed like hours we slowly turned around. Caleb brought the camera up just in time to see it flash it's tail at us and bound over the hill with the others. After that we went back to another part of our woods in hopes that the deer there had not been scared off. But upon arriving there were no deer there.

Anyway, all this was to tell you that on the way back from this hunt we walked past the chicken pen and noticed that there were only six chickens. Looking around for the last one I noticed that there feed/shelter/nesting-box thing that I made for them was knocked over and feathers were all over the ground right there. Looking closer I noticed that inside the nesting-box was the cold body of a half eaten chicken. When we got back to the house and told people my dad said that maybe the charger was not on. Thinking back I remembered that it was not. After thinking about it we decided that maybe it shuts off when it does not have enough charge and that it was not getting enough sunlight. So, that was how whatever ate it got into the pen. So, today I put up a T-post to hang the charger on. The charger has a thing on the back of it to attach it to a T-post. It seems pretty sturdy. I hope it works.
Oh, and I will try to remember to post some pictures of that feeder thing. OK, now for real this time,

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