Sunday, January 17, 2016

Calf News

So the two new calves got sick. The brown one we named brownie and the black and white one we named Snowpeak. Brownie's poop is watery and snow peak would not eat but they are both still perky. Today when we went down Brownie's poop was like slightly colored water. I mean it. If it was coming out of the other hole I would not think he was sick. Anyway, yesterday Laura fed Snowpeak with an esophageal tube. AKA a squirt bottle and O2 tube from Zach's oxygen thing when he was a baby. Today he was sucking on my fingers so we decided to try feeding him with a bottle. He drank it all right up with foam coming out his mouth and everything. Brownie's nose and ears are still warm. Sowpeak's ears are warm but his nose is a little cold. Also we saw Brownie lay down and he bent his neck around to lay his head down just like a normal calf would. We did not see Snowpeak lay down.
So, here is our currant predicament:

  • Snowpeak
    • Slightly cold nose
    • Diaria
    • Would not eat for a while
    • Eats dirt
  • Brownie
    • Really bad diaria
Please comment if you have any suggestions. We really want to keep these calves alive and growing.

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