Sunday, January 24, 2016

Lots of Paths!

The seventeen pictures below were taken in short sleeves because it is so warm. There is tons of snow from the storm that lasted the last few days but it warmed up today when the sun came out.
The path going from the front door to the cars that we shoveled out.

The after pic for the first picture of this post.

A few of the piles that Papa made while cleaning the driveway.

Part of the drive way and wind block with Snyders Knob (The Mountain) in the background.

The skid steer and another part of what he cleared.

The path down to the chicken coop.

The chicken coop

I need to clean again.

All 14 of my chickens in there winter abode.

Snow on the pines.

The chicken tractors at rest for the winter.

The path in front of the house

Joshua in front of the wood stove after helping me with clearing out around the cars.

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