Thursday, May 26, 2016

My New Incubator

The outside temp ranged from 77 to 61
And the incubator temp ranged from 100.6 to 95.3 (Which is way too much variation)

So I'm going to bring it inside so that the temp outside the incubator will stay kinda the same so that the incubator will not have much trouble keeping it the same temp.

Anyway, I'll keep experimenting with it to get it to stay the same temperature.

Thanks for reading my blog y'all



  1. Let me know when you set any eggs! Especially if there will be quailies... We just set seven duck eggs, and are very excited! Good luck!

  2. Yes I'm letting the temp stabilize while I collect eggs for a few days. I plan to set some eggs on the 1st so that I can remember how far in I am at any time. I am going to do one batch of chickens to get used to the incubator and become more experienced and then I think I will order some more quail eggs. We'll see.


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