Sunday, May 1, 2016

One quail egg hatched so far



  1. Congrats! He/she is a cutie. I have one coturnix quail.

    1. Thanks, I put him/her in a small box inside of the big brooder with the turkeys and chicks. I thought that the turkey poults couldn't get to it but they got in and killed it.
      I have eight more in the incubator that have something in them (Candling) but I still don't think any of them will hatch.

      Oh and BTW Not impressed with the incubator. It can't keep a constantish temp and I have to turn them. 1 out of the 17 hatched and then like I said above died.

      Man this is a lot of info, I should be writing this in a post.

      Anyway thanks for commenting

      Sometimes I feel like nobody reads my blog.


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