Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sold Most Of 'm

Yeah, all the big hens and Murdoc. Oh and the two bantam roosters (one of which was MacGyver the 2nd). I am going to try and get more into exotic breeding. I have silkies, bourbon red turkeys, coturnix quail, buff bantam cochins, black cochin bantams, and ... ... Hmm, I'm sure there's more. Nope! Wow, I really sold most of them. Other than the odds and ends of course but I'm just counting the ones that i have at least a pair of.

SOOOOOOOO, I'll have to do a recount and update the 'My Animals' page sometime. Until then you guys are in the dark. I do have lots though.

I have 35 eggs on lockdown and they should hatch tomorrow but we'll see how many hatch.

So, if anybody has any suggestions for what I should breed (fowl) I'll look into it and see if there's any on craigslist near me. ?????



  1. Peafowl! Geese! Etc! I really think you would love ducks, as well, and they are easy to obtain good stock, and they are just plain awesome!

  2. XD peafowl, geese, and guineas are too loud for my mom. Maybe someday. I'd love to get some duck though! Maybe I can keep them down the our farm pond (It's overgrown right now). I'll have to look into that. They probably are different to hatch. IDK TY


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