Saturday, October 29, 2016

Picture Post!

Ok, here's that picture post I promised y'all. :)

So, the people across the road are moving out so I got their one hen. I think she's a white australorp but that's just a guess. I've got her in a chicken tractor for now but I'll put her in with the chickens after a while. (diseases)

The duck is healing up pretty good

My favorite chicken

Yeah, this corner took a while to get right. :D

Let me know what kind of posts y'all want in the comments.



  1. Oh, that poor duck. I'm glad you said she's getting better. At least it's clean. I like the look of the new hen. Your favorite hen is so quirky! Love it :)

    1. Well, I cleaned it up. I did a YouTube video about it. Me too! I think it's a silkie/D'uccle mix and I think it's a pullet not a cockerel. Thanks for the comment, meem! :)


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