Monday, June 29, 2015

Chicken Feed

So, I was feeding my chickens and Laura brought up the subject of soaking chicken feed to make it so there was more feed for every pound that you bought. Now, at first this may make sense. Because the grains soak up the water and expand and you have more chicken feed. But then I started thinking, there are no calories in water. So, how would adding volume help if it had the same energy value? Well, how do we know that it has the same number of calories. Maybe it has more. Because if it was fermented that means that some mold or fungus or something is growing on it. Maybe the mold or whatever it is has lots of calories in it. Ether way Laura said that her chickens eat at least half as much. So, I am going to do it with my chicken feed for my chickens. Maybe it just fills them up faster and it has nothing to do with calories. Anyway, this has been a long post, so lets end this by saying that Amy is doing well in the Philippians and that Papa LOVES his new bike. See Ya.

Edit: Here is a continuation of this post. Kind of. Just click here and go check it out.

Another edit to this post: I shared this post on The Homesteader Hop. Thanks Floyds!

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