Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Shed!! Part 1

So my uncle has a miniature goat
and he wanted a place to keep it. He is also planning to get more so it needed to be more than just an umbrella. So Sunday afternoon we went over to his place ,which is only a quarter mile of hay from ours, and did this:
The back wall done
The second wall done
The third wall done
Putting up the last wall. (which will be open.)
My awesome uncle putting up the other end of the 2X6 that was in the last picture.
This is the board that the last two pictures were of. (Loader moved)
My uncle and his goat inspecting our work.
Don't get me wrong they worked hard too. Well, not the goat, but you know what I mean.
Ok next post will probably be about butchering our pig. I just noticed some photos from when we did it and thought I should share them with you. It was back in January before I started this blog, which explains why you never saw a post about it. Anyway, thanks for sticking around for this long post and I'll see you soon.

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