Thursday, July 28, 2016

Picture Post!!

Ok, several recent pictures. Coming up!!

Hay wagon silhouette

Joshua looking at his new baby rabbits

Lot's of hay

Joshua's calf in the back and Blitz, laura's calf, in the front

The small yellow chick in the next few pics is from one of my light brahma hens and my ISA rooster(sold now). He/she is dead now but it was fun watching it grow into different colors. Black, white, yellow, red, I like mutli-color animals.

White, yellow, and a little black on the chest.

All three again on the back and sides.

One of the three black bantam cochin/yellow silkie chicks

Love the feet!


Two white silkie hens and the white silkie roo. The rooster died for some reason recently. :/

Another great hay wagon pic.

The new chicks

The brooder
Ok, that's all for the pics. I'll try to get some more sometime.



  1. I think picture posts are my favorite! I like the hay wagon and the silkies and the multicolored hen. :)

    1. Ok, thanks.
      Yeah, that chicken died. I couldn't tell what was wrong with it it was just sprawled out on the floor. I have a few more like that in the most recant hatch that I'll keep.


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