Thursday, July 28, 2016

Quail Update and... I guess you'd call it an update?

Ok, quail are doing good. No eggs though. :(
Here's the video:

Here's another video of me walking around talking my head off. I don't know how long it is but if you like long this is for you! I usually try for shorter but I took this anyway. Here:

Ok, picture post coming soon. Subscribe on G+ if you want. And



  1. Wow, you hatched all of those? That is so exciting! I
    have never had successful hatches in an incubator :( but I hope to someday. I work with a little giant, though, which is not the best model. I have a semi rare breed of bantam that is a speckled easter egger that lay green eggs.

    1. Yup! every one! Yeah, I did a lot of research and finally got a good hovabator.

      Oh, cool. I really like all the different kinds of eggs instead of just brown, brown, brown. XD I'd like to get a few EEs sometime. We'll see.

      BTW I hope you are able to hatch some. It's really fun.

  2. Oh, and what camera do you use?

    1. Nikon D40 with the lens that came with it. I also bought a zoom lens that I use for wildlife. I never really get good wildlife pics but it's fun to try and sneak up on 'm. Are you into photography??

    2. I love photography, and we have to good canon cameras, but one is better for details, not videos, and the other is better for vids. The one that has great detail is also my sister's, so I don't get to use it much. Maybe this week. I am hoping to hatch some eggs soon, but I don't think that is going to happen, except for by duck, because both of ours are broody... on chicken eggs! But the chicks will be bantam standard crosses, and my last and only one of those I have ever hatched disappeared, and it was only a week old, so it is dead. They are super cute, though, and will be olive eggers. I could send you some bantam hatching eggs at some point, if you want. They are pretty large for bantam eggs, and three equal two standard eggs. You can contact me on my etsy store about that, if you want. Just click the contact button.

    3. Cool! my sister has a good Canon.
      Oh, well I hope they hatch! (and live. that's part of it. :) )
      Thanks! I'll let you know if I want to do that.



    4. I hope they hatch and live too!
      I am worried about the ducks raising them, though. I have never heard of that happening. Have you? Oh, and with the eggs, I would only charge for shipping, and the reason you would ask on etsy is because you can safely exchange addresses there.

    5. Hmm, BYC would probably know!

      Oh! Thanks. Yeah, that makes sense.

    6. Okay, I'll look into the hatching w/ ducks there. Thanks!

    7. Hey, just realized that you asked about the camera on the video post. My Nikon only takes pics. I'm not sure what our vid camera is called. My dad bought it years ago for the family to capture memories but I'm the only one that really uses it now. I forget what it's called.


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